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My partner and i purchased some of your Benmore Blue when you exhibited recently at the Food Show in Wellington.Unfortunately (or not) it somehow became lost in the fridge and we didn't actually open it until just yesterday.

We are both avid cheese freaks and i have to say, it was bloody delicious. We both loved it.

Congratulations on such an excellent product.


We bought a 2 litre container of milk from your stall at the craft showon the weekend.Thought we'd give it a go, i haven't had porridge for around 18 years, but thought i would try the milk in the morning, getting the cream off the top.

Well i have not experienced milk like it since the demise of home delivery glass bottle.It was really tastyand was devoured in seconds. I then gave my 4, 6, & 8 years old some of this real milk and they immediately wanted more.My 4 year old does not want the old blue top watered down milk now. I poured a glass of milk for my in-laws  whoi said they don't drink milk but poured them one anyway.They to were blown away by the taste.I have just seen my 4 Year old finish the last drop.
We will definitely be purchasing more.

Today my son's and i tried your Lactose Free Greek yoghurt for the first time, my son is dairy intolerant and has been all his life  and i only recently discovered it was lactose he was reacting to. Your greek yoghurt is so creamy and has the most lovely taste. we most certainly will be happy to buy your creamy yoghurt and i am now excited about trying your other products too!
Thank you so much for making Lactose free:

Just wanted to say thank you for making Lactose free dairy products available! I only discovered your yoghurt yesterday in Nelson Fresh Choice and nearly burst into tears, not exaggerating here.
I come originally from Germany where a broard range of lactose free products are available  and so had no problems with my lactose intolerance to get all the products i want.You have closed the first gap.


Thanks My 85  year old friend is loving having "real" milk with cream, like the old days!

Just like to say.......Your milk is fantastic..... we love it.
Soul Food in Wanaka just started stocking it.Bio Gro certified and unhomogenised....does it get any better.
You've probably heard this a thousand times but i really had forgotten what good milk tested like.
Bisson Family